Game start, Thursday the 10th October, 2312

10/10/2312 - The case of the missing cat

14/10/2312 - Case of the Wifestalker

15/10/2312 - Case of the Bodysnatcher (wifestalker cont.)

Event: 18/10/2312 - The great poweroutage

22/10/2312 - The case of the Haunted house

25/10/2312 - The case of Fred's crazy ex

26/10/2312 - The case of the mystery drug (cont. of Fred's crazy ex)

28/10/2312 - Tower of Dredd (finale of Fred's crazy ex)

31/10/2312 - Halloween murder house

01/11/2312 - A buffet to kill for

02/11/2312 - Missing! Actionvan

World Event 03/11/2312 - Devil's due

8/11/2312 - Edgar's duel with Poolduche

11/11/2312 - Ghost Thief

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