In the 2300's, most technology doesn't run on their own batteries, instead siphoning energy from the local powergrids by way of Tesla's wireless electricity transferral system (T-WET), so a poweroutage in the main powergrid is something just short of a catastrophy.

Everything from Communications to city communal traffic to cellular phones would be effectively bricked until power could be restored.

Luckily, this is a known danger, so such eventualities are effectively prevented by a number of safeguards, making it almost impossible to occur.

Until it does.

On Friday the 18th of October, most of the power grids in northern Germany, including parts of the Netherland, were knocked out.

From Kiel in the north to Frankfurt to the south, from Potsdam to the east to Enchede to the west, every car, phone, lamp, television and Radio ceased function.

For Three hours, there was a complete blackout. From 15:30 to 18:30, all was dark and silent.

The cause for this, authorities claim, was an accident in a central electrical nexus in Hannover. But the rapid military responce to the area would suggest otherwise...