Participants Edit

Edgar, Fred, James

The case Edit

To locate and bring back a little girl's cat is one of the most mundane and common ways to start off your hero career, right?

Well. Not for this group of starting heroes. Indeed, when the little girl walked into the office, everything seemed mundane enough; but when the picture of the lost cat was presented, things took quite the twist.

Indeed, the blue monster depicted was, well, roughly the size of a cat, but beyond that there were no similarities.

Instead, the alien-looking thing they were hired to recover seemed unsettling, no less for having been in the possession of a ten year old.

Though the chase would end up not being too far as Edgar, who had left to assemble supplies to repair the ancient elevator leading to the office, would find.

Indeed, when he arrived at the local wallmart, he found the locale abandoned. All shoppers and workers at the store were in the process of rather swiftly escape the premises, and it did not take him long to find out why;

For in the hardware isle, a small blue creature was in the process of constructing what can only be called a monster-tank; the (un)holy spawn of a monstertruck and a battle tank.

In a most collected manner, he gathered up what he had come for, paid for the supplies, and texted his friends.

It was first then that he was made aware that this monstrous blue fuzzball was indeed the target they were set to aquire.

Swiftly, the others came to assist him in the capture, but alas it was not to be. For as they arrived, the wall exploded outwards, and the monstertank erupted onto the street.

Hijacking a beetle that had been left behind as its' owner fled the parking lot, they set their sights on the wake of destruction left behind the passing of the monstertank, speeding forwards as James overcharged the poor machine's engine with his own electrical prowess.

Catching up to the tank proved to be the easy part of their mission, as they found the tank to be most resilient to their attacks.

Indeed, it was not until James electromagnetically lodged a bar taken from the seating of the beetle by way of an improvised railgun that they made the monstertank cease its' rat race of destruction.

Still, it took the effort of the entire group to disable the rest of the machine, while contesting the flamethrowers and gatling guns the extra terrestrial gremlin deployed against them.

Still, eventually the monstertank was ripped to pieces, and the creature apprehended.

Wisely, they handed the creature over to the proper authorities rather than fulfilling their contract with the little girl.

She'll totally not become a supervillain now, right?