Participants Edit

Fred, James, Edgar

Act 1 Edit

A stalker case should be easy enough, right? Just finding the creep and beating him up a bit until he learns his lesson. Well, our unfortunate heroes would not be so lucky.

The adventure starts as Handsome mcFancypants enters the heroes' dockside headquarters, and offers them an obscene sum of money for finding and deposing of a creature that had been staring at his wife at night.

It had been getting closer each night, and he was oh so worried.

Of course, our strapping adventurers accepted. After all, it was a good deed, and one that paid most lucratively.

Quickly, Fred went about acquiring hardware for the surveillance op. Remote controlled cameras, a rented stalker-van, and exotic ammunition fit to bring down any strange and/or mythological fiend.

The van she rented quickly proved to have been an amazing choice, as its' controlling AI was one programmed for high speed pursuits, and paramilitary action. Moving like a car out of a 80's action film, it moved through traffic as if chased by Ninjas.... on fire.

Indeed, it didn't take long for the car to gain the affection of Fred and Edgar, whilst James viewed it more with fear than any other emotion.

Act 2 Edit

The team set up their equipment, and rather rapidly noted that something was off about the happily married couple. Indeed, the beloved wife seemed to shy away from her adoring husband, but that was not their job.

Instead, they waited for the monster to arrive for his nightly stalking routine.

It didn't take too long until he appeared on one of their cameras. A big, hulking creature that seemed somewhat like the combination of a Boar, a big cat and a great ape. It stuck a fearsome first impression, and Fred decided to take a closer look.

Sneaking closer, she managed to remain undetected by the beast, and took the chance so generously gifted to her.

She raised her gun, aiming for the center mass of the creature.

The beast went down with a howl, now with a wound to his chest.

He fell from his rooftop refuge, crashing down onto the pavement beneath; and Fred was on him in seconds. The others piled out of the van, and Edgar went to collect their due payment for dealing with the threat as James went to assist in the detaining of the offending beast.

Just as Edgar had a rather rude confrontation with their employer, verified the abuse of the wife, and received payment in full, the beast weakly told the party a single phrase:

"Save my wife"

continued in The case of the Bodysnatcher