Pooljerk Edit

A superhuman capable of creating copies of himself, Pooljerk the archvillain to Edgar, who caused the conflict with Pooljerk after being launched through the air by Fred's crazy ex, landing quite violently in Pooljerk's penthouse pool, and when asked to remove himself from Pooljerk's property, Edgar threatened Pooljerk with "mixing his blood into the pool".

Pooljerk took offense to this, and stabbed Edgar 27 times with 27 different long, sharp knives.

Indestructi-dude Edit

Pooljerk's sidekick and James archvillain. This man is capable of absorbing kinetic force, and rendering himself incorporeal. He became James' enemy after James launched him out of a window by way of improvised railgun during the "Dredd tower" case.

Fred's crazy ex Edit

A completely insane, and incredibly powerful, telekinetic who used to be a part of Fred's special operations division of the mercenary company headed by Fred's father.

He was driven insane by the things he saw on duty, and finally snapped into a obsessive-possessive behaviour towards Fred.

After brutally murdering those he saw as rivals for Fred's affection (her father included), Fred helped beat this nutty bastard down, and sending him to jail.

But rather than working to restore his mind, the government proceeded to experiment on Fred's crazy ex, making him even more dangerous.

He, of course, escaped captivity, and came straight for Fred.

He is now persumed to be dead after a 100-story drop through a mega-highrise building. Though his body was never found....