Rapunzel Edit

Rapunzel is Francine's younger sister. Her and sister have been best friends their whole life. They went to college together, would go on dates together, shopping and everything in between.

Then graduation came. Frannie went on to do her own thing and left Rapunzel all by herself. With that she left for the most forested area she could find, and became one with nature; it's there that she gained her powers. 

After Rapunzle had her awakening she traveled the world, going from country to country and boyfriend to boyfriend. She has done everything she could think of and has had any job she could imagine. When she went home to Germany she called up her sister, who had also returned to their nation of origin. Her and her pet Racoon, Sneaky, became quick friends of Francine's new companions.

Almost instantly, she was a troubleshooter as well.

Description: Edit

5'3", 124lbs, orange curly hair, bright blue eyes, round face, pale skin and freckles everywhere.

Powers: Edit


furry friends,

Lily syndrome,


Minion summoning (nymphs)