Every hero starts with 10 points to spend. For additional points, they may take Limits.

Power Description Cost
Extrordinary stat Ex. stop a car with your hands 5
Super stat Using said car as a thrown weapon 10
Extreme stat fuck the car, just use a bus 15
Manipulation (fire, ice, electricity, biology, weather) Ever wanted to be storm from x-men? Yeah, that. 2, 5, 7, 10
Invulnerability Bullets, magic, nuke, you don't care. SWING FIRST BRO 10
Immortality The hero is incapable of death, and will not age. Does not include any sort of extrordinary regeneration or damage prevention. 4
Iron skin Bullet resistant, like wearing kevlar armor all day erry day 5
Null field Magic? Psi? Superpowers? Not here you won't. (that includes you. Excluding the field itself) 8
Healing factor Your wounds heal with uncanny speed. At higher ranks, you are arguably immortal. Taking damage still hurts like a BITCH 5, 10
Petrifying gaze Things you look at feel as if stuck in a mire where the very air itself prevents their movement. At higher levels, you can turn anything you look at into stone. Be the medusa. 4, 6
Shapeshifting You can change your physical attributes at a whim. You can be someone else, you can make your hands into blades, you can become the hulk. 8
Teleportation Ever been stuck in a car queue and wished you could just appear at your destination? Yes, that. 10
Warping Like Teleportation but requires a clear path between point A and B 5
Blink Teleportation with limited range and requiring you to be able to see where you're going 7
Portals The ability to open portals (Speedy thing goes in; Speedy thing comes out) 10
Gates The ability to open portals within a physical containment. (Such as a door) 6
Ghost form Become incorporeal, able to slide through physical objects and incapable of taking natural damage. Supernatural damage is taken normally. 4, 8
Laser vision Ever heard the expression "if looks could kill"? yeahh... 3, 6, 8
Flight Like a motherfucking bird. Except ostriches, emus, kiwis.... okay? Fuck those guys. 4
I'm the goddamn batman You are filthy rich, but cannot take any other superpower. All of your stats start at 18, with no further stat points to spend. You know martial arts. Also hypercompetence. 10
I -am- ironman You are filthy rich, and you also start at Publicity 15. Everyone knows you're a superhero. Everyone. 4
Repeat reincarnation You come, you saw, you died. Rince and repeat. You have a knack for simply not staying DEAD, much to the frustration of your enemies. 2
Morphing body (Iron, stone, etc.) You can transform parts of your body, maybe even your whole body, into another material altogether. Who doesn't want to have knuckles of stone to punch a bitch? 6
Technomancy You are the god of the machine. You can transfer your mind into the internet, and things such assembling technological devices is menial labour for you. 8
Barrier manipulation You can produce barriers in your environment. Invisible and made out of psionic energies, these barriers can absorb damage, and can be used for a great variety of purpouses. 4, 8, 12
Aegis A ceaseless barrier surrounds you, protecting you from harm. At higher levels, it can stop ANY physical attack. 10, 15
Invisibility At a whim, you can make yourself invisible to the naked eye. 6
Lily syndrome You are very pretty, and people seem to find you likeable and are more likely to go out of their way to help you. 2
Furry Friends (not that kind of furry you sick bastard) Communicate with animals! Man, Pidgeons have a lot to say. 1
Furry Minions And then make those pidgeons your bitches. 4
Illusions You can control what people see, hear, feel or otherwise experience 8
Projection You can create images and sounds 3
Suggestion These are not the droids you're looking for 3
Instinct You can instinctively tell or feel when something going to happen. You can't predict anything in detail so much as you've got a gut feeling 2
Hypercompetence You learn and master things supernaturally quick. Usually results in being freakishly good at everything you do. 4
Subjective Gravity Because that wall LOOKS climbable. 5
Subjective Reality If you think you can, You can. 14
Consciousness Transferrence Mindjack. But not shit. 6
Perfect Accuracy Green arrow. 4
Classical Elementalist Mendeleev, eat your heart out. I'm the daggum Avatar. 13
Unremembered Presence People automatically forget you the moment you leave their sight. 0
Undo Ctrl-Z! CTRL-Z!! 13
Minion Spawning Like having babies, only way creepier. And probably less painful. 8
Conjuration You want it, you got it. Limited to non-sapient things. 15, 20
Destruction Now it's gone. 15, 20
Kinetic Battery Things that hit you charge you up. When you release, things explode. 6
Chi Control Channel Chi through your body to perform superhuman or straight up impossible feats (Kai-o-what?) 8
Super-powered Martial Arts JUDO-CHOP! (You just made it a thing.) 4
Personal Null You cannot be affected by psionic, telepathical or magical effects 7
Poison Secretion C'mere! Gimme a hug! ...why're you bleeding out your eyes? 4
Fused Weapon You've got some kind of weapon permanently attached to your body someplace. 4
Extreme sense One of your senses is extreme by human standards. Be it x-ray vision or super hearing. 2
Conceptual Theft You can steal metaphysical things. ....And Physical things 7, 10
Reinforcement Strengthen a material at will (Trace is NOT on though) 5
Catch The ability to catch and redirect blasts, beams, bolts, laz0rs.... 3, 6
Absolute Motion I'M THE JUGGERNAUGHT 15
Restructuring Basically alchemy. Turn stuff into other stuff. 10
Psychometry Find out the past of a object by touching it. 5
Power disruption Cause another's superpower to go completely out of control with a touch. 6
Concussive burst GET AWAY (force push) 3, 7
Undeceivable You cannot be fooled, in any way. 6
Adaptation Adapt to any environment 1, 4
Self-duplication Lots of me! 11
Tenshi Dress-up Like Sailor Moon. (Narnia gateway not included) May include physical change if alter-ego is applied. If so, it's limited to two forms. 1
Curse Other Inflict your targets with horrible luck, or other various ailments 3, 7, 11
Bless Other Improve the stats of another person or heal them 3, 7, 11
Magic (Draconic, Blood, Taoism) The hero is a skilled mage in the chosen school of magic. 6, 10, 14
Supernatural sense The hero can detect and relatively reliably identify supernatural influences, Magic and Superpowers. 2
Escanors Blessing Solar Powered Superhero (The Sun charges you) 4
Magic Runes Knowledge of the Rune Tables and the ability to draw and ativate them. You are magic batman, except not rich. 10
Druidism You can commune with animals, as well as with the spirits of nature, and bargain to have them do things for you, alternatively summon them from the spirit realm. 10
Necromancy You summon demons and the dead to do your bidding. Requires infernal contract. Only way (outside divine/infernal interference) to bring someone who died back to life. 10
Magic Satchel You can store anything you can pick up in a transdimensional space, regardless of its size, and it weighs nothing until you pull it out. 4
Devouring Morphology The hero takes on attributes of devoured objects 5
Extreme Mundane Talent You are ridiculously good at something non-combat related, such as violin or dancing or painting or video games or driving or sports. 2
Telepathy You can read, and communicate directly between minds. 4
Telekinetic You can move things with your mind 4, 6, 10
Omnilingual You can understand and speak any language 2
Tesla's Blessing Kinda like gremlins only backwards. Technology loves you and works better for you. 5,8,10
Midas Touch Things you touch turn into something, no matter if you want it to or not 0
Super Stretchiness Gum-Gum Fantastic 11
Size Alteration Now dive through the keyhole, Scott. 15
Astral projection The hero can detach from their body, moving their spirit and mind over great distance, and use it to communicate with people half a world away. Image is incorporeal. 4
Limit Effect Points
Divine/infernal/outsider source You recieve the powers with the Source attached from a supernatural entity. Said entity can remove its' boon from you if you go against its' wishes, or just because. up to -5 points to attached superpowers. For higher point reductions, the demands of the granter increase. Not stackable.
Divine/Infernal/Outsider contract You have entered a contract with a supernatural entity. The contract is legally binding. Powers attached to this goes away if you go against the terms of the contract. up to -5 points to attached superpowers. For higher point reductions, the contracted deeds become increasingly invasive. Not stackable.
Artefact The powers with this attachment are linked to the artefact, and will grant the ability to whoever uses it. Can be stolen. -3 points to attached superpowers Not stackable.
Bloodbound Artefact Like Artefact. Except losing it is BAD FOR YOU. -6 points to attached superpowers Not stackable.
Allergy Mundane allergy. Can be anything from cats to pollen. 2
Weakness (object) An object that you for some reason can't tolerate. Can be anything from a chair to an elevator. Use for gimmickery. 3
Weak You're just somehow weak. Fragile. Delicate. Or just plain not in good shape or health. 4
Phobia Fear of something. Anything can be a phobia. Spiders, guns, superheroes, giant tits. Anything. For higher levels, this phobia gets more extreme to the point of being crippling. 3, 5
Inconvenient trait Something about your power is plain inconvenient. Maybe it has a wierd quirk, maybe it just can't be turned off. 4, 6
Disease You're afflicted by a long-lasting and nearly incurable disease. For higher points, the disease becomes crippling. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Diet The hero needs to eat a certain thing to be healthy 4
Deficiency The hero lacks something, and no matter what the hero eats the hero will always lack it. Not making up for this deficiency can be deadly. 6
Addiction The hero is addicted to a substance. Without the substance, he or she gets on edge, before suffering more significant withdrawal. 2, 4, 6
Stigma There's something about you that certain people don't like. They may avoid you or even refuse to interract with you at all. 5
Disability You've got a disability. 7
Lost limb Dismemberment. 4
Blindness You're definately not Daredevil. 6
Deafness Speak up! 4
Paralysis Can't move 5, 10
Lost sense Touch, Pain, Taste... 3
Haunted OoooOooOOooOOooooo~ 5
Gremlins Technology hates you. A lot. 5, 8,10
Bad luck D'oh! 5
Curse You pissed someone off, Somehow. Now you're paying for it. 3, 5, 7
Anti-thesis Something out there is your antithesis. It's your kryptonite. It will hurt you and rob you of your power. 3, 7
Target An organization or government wants you. They will do whatever they can to kidnap or destroy you. 2 , 5
Anathema You are a enemy or plain WRONG to a Group or religion or type of entity. Example, with an infernal source you could take damage from stepping on holy ground. 2, 5
Supernatural oath/obligation Why did you make a promise to that fey? 3, 6
Massive bitch syndrome There's something about you. Maybe it's your screechy voice or your complete disregard for the feelings of others, but people just don't LIKE you. 5
Limit break Attached power can only be used once you've been pushed past the brink of sanity, when you CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE -10 to attached power
Insanity God talks to you. He wants you to destroy all panties. That squirrel insulted your mother. FUCK YOU KYLE 10
Honest You cannot speak lies, even in an altered state of mind. 4
Decietful You cannot tell the truth, even in an altered state of mind. 4
Extreme snark You cannot help but be sarcastic. At any opportunity. 3
Mook syndrome You will always fuck up somehow. 7
Otherworldly appearance You just don't look human. You probably aren't going to fit into society very well. 4
Fugly You look FUGLY 3
Child The hero is a pre- to early teenage child. The hero suffers from underdeveloped musculature, a smaller size, and limited knowledge. 6
Elderly The hero is a elderly person. The hero has a fragile physique and slower reaction time. 6
Split Persona The hero suffers from a multiple personality disorder. The personalities directly contradict eachother at the higher points value. 3, 7
Alter Ego The hero has two forms: One human, and one heroic. The transition between them has to be triggered in some way. 4, 8
Dumb The hero isn't the sharpest tool in the shed 2, 4
Aura of Doom Misfortune happens around the hero, the hero is surrounded by a supernatural sense of dread, and evil omens often occur in the hero's vicinity. The hero becomes a phariah 5
Naïve The hero is easily fooled, inexperienced, or just has an unshakeable faith in human nature. While not neccisarily stupid, the hero is more succeptible to deception. 3
Mute The hero cannot speak, or communicate vocally 4
Greedy The hero has an insatiable thirst for money, fame or something else; and will be distracted by prospects of furthering his or her personal wealth. 3
Vain The hero is completely awestruck by his or her own splendour. And why wouldn't they? They're the most awesome, stunningly brilliant, and dashingly handsome person around. 2
Wrathful The hero has serious problems managing his or her anger, and frequently enter bouts of rage. 5