The Troubleshooters Edit

Edgar: The undead catalyst of the party. This eccentric man is the cause of most shenanigans the party gets pulled into.

James: A comicbook nerd whose dreams came true - gaining the powers of a superhero! He is now a superhuman with control over the powers of electricity.

Rapunzel: Nature-loving sister of Francine, this minion-summoner and support character is not to be underestimated. If you do, her friends will want to have a word with you. Her many, many friends.

Francine: This super powered engineer has access to extraordinary technology - and knows how to use it, to boot. Power armors, plasma weapons, nano-forges, oh my!

Fred: The ex-mercenary straight (wo)man of the party with an impenetrable shield. Ruthless efficiency and invulnerability in one sassy shell.

Claus: The lawyer of the party with a profitable business as a defense lawyer on the side. He funded the group as it started out its' heroes-for hire business, and keeps the others out of jail for their incessant collateral damage. This is one family man that will be stressed into early retirement by his super powered cohorts.

Supporting cast Edit

Edgar's crazy uncle: A powerful necromancer and eccentric, Edgar's crazy uncle is known for his occult knowledge, and for consorting with Demons. He brought Edgar back into the land of the living after his tragic death, and overall helps his favorite nephew in any way he can.

Action Van: In the future of the 2300's, manual cars are a thing of the past. Instead, driving is left to AI who control the cars to their destination safely, and completely in accordance to the law. Unless they're Action Van. Action Van is a paramilitary AI stuck in a civilian chassis. He is programmed for high speed pursuits, car chases, and maximum manly action. He has the personality of an Army Sergeant, and handles his car-shaped body to the limits of its' ability. He is Action Van. He is a bad enough dude to save the President.