James Wilton Edit

Powers: Edit

Manipulation: Electricity (10)

General description: Edit

A devoted fan of superheroes, this man has spent his childhood wishing to rise to the hight of those he worshipped. But as childhood waned and failed attempts at the heroics piled up, his passion smouldered and dimmed.

This was, until the fateful car ride with Edgar, where they were caught in the middle of a showdown between a superhero and a supervillain. Though this would prove quite positive for James, as the near-death experience triggered in him an awakening; and gifted him the power to control the raw power of Electricity.

As a fan of superheroes, James has acquired an obsession with hero merchandise and has therefore filled his surroundings with it. For example, his home has every shelf and flat surface stuffed with comics and figurines.

As for his personality, James is a upbeat, enthusiastic man that loves to live and to try to raise the spirits of his fellow man whenever he can.

However, as he now is nearing the reality of actually being a real superhero he has gotten doubt about it, due to the amounts of death and destruction he has witnessed.

His favourite colour is Blue, leaning to Robin egg blue, favourite food is Hamburgers with cola and fries. He has a fear of snakes and dolphins and absolutely despises sneezing as a thing that people do.