Elfreide "Fred" Falkenrath Edit

Callsign: Siegfried

Powers: Edit

Aegis (15)


Allergy; Nuts (2)

Addiction; Nicotine (2)

Target (1)


Born into a military family, Elfreide (or “Fred”) lived a nomadic lifestyle growing up with other children of her parent’s PMC. She was trained as a commando from a young age and, due to her supernatural talent, quickly became a staple and a resource for the group when dealing with unconventional threats and assignments.

She made quite a number of friends interacting with locals of similar age as herself on extended contracts, leaving her with a network of contacts when then PMC in question disbanded after her fathers death.

Of course, being military since childhood, retirement eventually became quite stale. Which lead to her allowing herself to be persuaded into forming the heroes-for-fire association with some of her closer friends.