Francine is a German woman in her mid 20's. She has an advanced grasp on engineering, and she is often seen in her workshop in the Troubleshooters' HQ.

She assists the team with her tactical know-how, technical ability, and hacking skill. She supplies the team with much of its' advanced defenses, including power armor and other body armor. She has also shown skill with military weaponry.

She is also the girlfriend of Edgar, who she is always eager to assist.

Description Edit

Francine is a relatively short, red-haired woman with light blue eyes and a pleasant smile. She is a technopath, creating technology and does so splendidly. She has a way with machines, causing them to perform far beyond expectation.

She is a nerd, and very much enjoys video games (retro and modern) and highly prizes the one true gaming artefact that she possesses, a pristine 300+ year old Nintendo 64 (valued in the millions).

Her legs are also missing (left leg from the knee and down, right leg from mid-thigh down), and replaced with robotic prosthesis.

Powers Edit

Tesla’s blessing, 8

Technomancy 8

Weaknesses Edit

as of yet unknown