Reality-twisting outsiders, the Fey are in truth formless entities from beyond who take upon themselves aspects of dreams, stories and myths. They are collectively called "fey" as when they came into contact with the mortal world they took upon

themselves the idea of Fey, as they enjoyed the mythos.

The fey are many and varied, and often gather into groups (often referred to as "tribes" or "courts") of like-minded Fey.

Every Fey seeks to enter the mortal world and twist it to their desires;

The looks of these Fey are as many and varied as they are, but the most common variant is that of a classical fantasy elf, as described in the Fantasy zeitgeist. They are often very appealing to mortal onlookers, and nearly all factions find great entertainment to stem from toying with mortals. What this "Toying" is depends greatly on the faction in question, and can be anything from soap-opera intrigue to trapping them in a pocket-universe based on a classical Brothers Grimm tale, or something darker still.

It is common for Fey to seduce mortals with promises of wealth, power, or even love. Sometimes, the Fey even upholds its part of the bargain. It is possible to force a Fey to uphold their promises, and this is done by making the Fey in question admit that they either are indebted to the mortal, or to make them admit that the promise was made (even if it wasn't a proper deal) and that the mortal upheld his end of the promise. Likewise, it is very hard to escape from promises or deals with Fey, and to do so the mortal will normally have to do or provide something that the Fey that holds the deal finds more important than the promise made.


Fey often make deals relating to abstract things; as these have great power among the Fey themselves. These deals can be over an emotion, the ability to cry, or something such as a precious childhood memory. Other deals could be the more standard outsider deal which would be to grant the fey access to the mortal world.


Fey can provide sources for people, and these tend to be VERY powerful. The problem with these is that they are unreliable, and the fey might withdraw their boon at any time, should something else gain their favour instead.


When the Fey enter the mortal realm, they all have tremendous power. They suffer from a strong Antithesis towards Iron, but this has to be pure iron to affect them. They are known to have telepathic abilities, and to be able to communicate with nearly anything, as well as breathing in its' entirety being optional to them. They may also possess additional powers or weaknesses, but those depend entirely on the aspect taken.