Edgar Van Halstaff Edit

Alias: Snitch

Powers: Edit

Hypercompetence (4)

Healing Factor (inconvenient trait: requires blood) (1)

Extraordinary Endurance (5)

Fused Weapon (urumi) (4)

Repeat Reincarnation (2)

Limitations: Edit

Extreme snark (-3)

Anathema (holy) (-4)


“My father was a test tube and my mother was one of those immortal jellyfish things! You do the math!”

Bio: Edit

Killed in his college days in a showdown between a superhero and a supervillain, poor Edgar was fortunate enough to have an absolutely crazy uncle who managed to know just enough necromancy to bring him back to life. Of course, there are a few… side effects that come with being what is essentially a flesh golem.

His natural intelligence has led him to master quite a few skills some might find archaic or academic, simply out of sheer boredom--what else is there to do when immortal? Fascinatingly, despite having published multiple books on the internet, his writing career really never took off.

So instead he joined up with these guys. Because why not, right? Besides, he’s gotta do something with that master rank in Indian martial arts.