Demons are dangerous creatures. It isn’t wholly understood where they come from; but popular theories is that they are unconsciously created by Humanity, forged from suppressed desires.. Another common theory is that they are spawned from the nightmares of a mad god, or that their origin is more akin to that of the Outsiders, and that they come from beyond the known universe.

What is known, on the other hand, is that the Demons are intricately linked to the Devils, and that they are often drawn to the Devils and act as their servants. More so some Devils than other, with Lilith, Lucifer and Mephisto being far more common overlords for Demons than Azazel or Belial.

When it comes to Demons, they don’t have the same sense of good and evil as mortals, and they don’t really conform to the common belief that all demons are evil creatures. Instead, Demons who are bound to a Devil often has similar traits as to the Devil they serve. Unbound Demons, on the other hand, are creatures of unchecked chaos. Their core motivations being little more than to upturn the reality that they happen to encounter. They do this by creating elements that destroy what is considered acceptable; thus destroying social realities, or by actively destroying or remaking what they can.

Demons can be anything from no more powerful than a mortal, to second only to Devils or Gods.

Demons often conform to concepts that represent moral decay and natural or societal upheaval. Such things include the seven deadly sins of judeochristian mythology, or more simple concepts of disease, bloodshed or debauchery.


Demons who come into possession of souls are boosted in power; so to obtain these are one of the things that Demons will actively pursue, and in exchange for these deals they can do things that are normally uncharacteristic for said flavour of demon. It is worthy to note, though, that you need to be extremely specific and detailed when making a deal with a Demon, as they will find every loophole imaginable to avoid fulfilling the contract, or more often give you something you didn’t want or expect rather than what you wanted.


While significantly more rare than deals, there are times when Demons hand out sources to mortals. This is most often done to reward useful playthings.


Demons, when manifested, have a great many different abilities; But one trait they all share is that they are both vulnerable to, hate, and are hated by Divine forces and entities.