Claus, lawyer extraordinaire Edit

Claus is a german man in his mid-30's; he is a long-term contact of Fred, and has worked with her on several occasions in the past. The exact details of this is highly classified, but Claus' job as a defense lawyer may give a hint to the nature of this cooperation.

When Fred joined with James and Edgar to form the Troubleshooters, he was included as both the legal councel of the team, as well as the legal owner and funder of the group. To say he has any real authority over them would be a wild overstatement of his authority, but he has as of yet not protested TOO harshly against his position.

But as a hobby of his, the troubleshooters may be a bit more work than it is really worth, as they succeed in keeping him very busy with their business when he is not caught up in his regular workload.

Also, to call Claus wealthy would be an overstatement of his personal funds. He is not in a lack of means, but that has more to do with his inheritance from his parents, and his wife's work; as he himself refuses to defend anyone he believes to be guilty.

As things happen to be, innocent people aren't brought to court often, and when they do, they tend to lack in the aspect of personal finance.

Powers Edit

When it comes to the superhero business, Claus is horridly mundane. Beyond being an exceptional lawyer, he lacks any exceptional trait.

Notable traits Edit

Claus is an eccentric; spending what little remains of his free time studiously recreating historical battles and wartime events with models. He is an expert on everything from the napoleonic wars to the Russian crisis of 2200.